About Us

About Us

Custom Cakes Orlando, FL is a family owned business, dedicated to creating picturesque custom cakes with the finest ingredients and love. We specialize in custom cakes (specialty cakes) guaranteed to wow every and any event! Whether you need a birthday custom cake, anniversary custom cake, wedding custom cake or any custom cake, Custom Cakes Orlando FL is definitely the perfect choice!

The Owner

I am a native of Puerto Rico. I have been a resident of Central Florida in the Orlando area for twenty-five years. I found an undiscovered skill and now passion after not being able to find the delicious typical moist custom cakes from my country; moist vanilla, moist rum cake, moist brandy cake and other traditional flavors of Puerto Rican custom cakes. My personal challenge turned into a passion and business. I perfected my newfound skills by educating myself in all styles of culinary baking, carving, custom cake building and decorating.

I am excited and fulfilling my dream of owning and operating a business with strong community relationships. My clients deserve and are provided with the best custom cakes & desserts created with care, love and attention to detail. They look amazing and taste delicious!

What We Do

We can help you select cakes for your event or create a custom cake based on your idea

No matter what size, scale or location of your event, our experienced team will ensure a great experience

Unique recipes, shared between generations, provide delicious taste & pleasure in every bite

All ingridients are fresh and individually selected for your special occasion

Our Advantages

Experienced Baker

Have Your Custom Cake Created by an Expert! Custom Cakes Orlando, Fl has been sought out for events and special occasions of all sizes. We have been creating custom cakes for over 10 years and have over 500 happy clients.

Wide Product Range

We have a variety of product for any type of event, party or romantic occasion. From custom wedding cakes to special birthday cakes and every variety of custom cake you can envision, from one tier to five or more.

Turning Your Vision into a Reality

It is your special event. Perhaps you have spent weeks or months thinking about it and maybe even planning it. You have a vision of what you want. We can make it happen. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Multicultural Designs & Flavors

¡Hablamos Español! Native or Puerto Rico, our owner is an expert in her home country traditional recipes, such as moist vanilla, rum, brandy flavors.

Free Consultation & Tasting

A great opportunity to meet with your Baker & Cake Designer, not to mention experience delicious samples. Based on availability, for large events only.

Exceptional Service

Creativity coupled with excellent customer services! Our team brings the same level of care and detail to every one of our creations.